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Greetings, everyone.

It has been a while since I've visibly done anything, but contrary to what many would expect, I'm still kicking. Life itself keeps beating me up in many terms, including time, but nontheless, work had been continued throughout most of the time.

First and foremost, the Dokuroshima Reboot is still worked on; now that both script and static storyboarding are done a long time ago, I'm well over halfway past the animatic stage of production. Of course I don't have the intention to spoil everything, but what I can say, the reboot pilot episode itself won't have the trio from the original Dokuroshima due to it being set "Long time ago". The three protagonists, like pretty much anything, will be renamed in order to slightly deviate from the 'weeb' style visible all over the original series. More will be said eventually, but so far, this is as much as I would like to mention about the project.

As for other projects, I'm thinking of doing another meme-based Madness animation alongside, so I guess you may expect that to come out eventually.

Also, Vid.me has unfortunately been shut down, but there now is yet another YouTube alternative called "Viuly.io". Supposedly, this is another attempt to counter the censorship issues using the Etherium blockchain technology, and it even has its own cryptocurrency circulated within the network; upon registration, you're already given 10 VIU. I don't know much about it myself, but I would rather have a backup video channel of sorts based outside YouTube.

Here's my new channel (under construction): https://viuly.io/channel/65479

Here's my referral link; my account was made through a similar one: https://viuly.io/r/K7432505a8a0987d

And here's a random draft of a guy jumping away, because why not :P


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