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A nicely done animation, to say the least. The audio, visual appeal, the style, everything is nice.
As for the narrative, I also do support the notion of Basic Income, despite being against globalization and communism, of all things. (I do understand there's not much connection, but the real question is - does anyone else?)

Anyhoe, I've noticed how people in the comment section are worried about the fact that less workers means less taxes, which means less finances that could be allocated for the program, while your sources would state that there wouldn't be such a drastic decrease in workers.

If there's one way of increasing the chances of Basic Income to become reality, that pops into my mind, is to incorporate some sort of a Robot Tax. Human workers are taxed, as a part of their earnings are taken away in form of taxes, so why not do the same for machines? They would technically earn more anyway, considering their higher labor efficiency compared to human labor.

And if human taxes go to stuff like healthcare, then why not take a part of the said Robot Tax and put it into state-funded workshops, as a machine equivalent of healthcare.

Of course I'm not an expert, so maybe the aforementioned idea has already been discussed a lot, or no one's touching the idea for a reason I don't know of yet.

Anyway, I find this submission rather good.

adamanimates responds:

Many thanks. There were articles a few weeks ago about Bill Gates suggesting a 'robot tax' of sorts, but I can't figure out a good way of deciding what the way to tax a robot is. How does it work for software? Does it count the number of workers displaced and come up with a tax based on that? I don't think it's workable, because it would be based on so much interpretation.

I think it's better to have simple, clear policies. A simple tax on capital could do that, and there are other options for debate.

Seems rather well animated to me :D

LTHS1222 responds:

I still suck at animating :(
It is a little bit longer than my first animation , which is no longer exist

...I lol'd :D

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I've lasted 128 seconds :D #GETREKT

Gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

27 beers:
Moira had killed herself;
Lara was shot and killed while hooking;
Walcott shot himself in the head.

The funniest part is that I haven't even noticed how I reached 27...

esayitch responds:

Guess you're very good at handling drinks :P


Actually, this would be a nice game, but THE FUCKING LOCK ruined it a bit...

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Nice song, and the instrument choice is rather awesome. The composition itself could be a bit longer though

This is something i would probably expect the part of myself with the shallow amount of sanity that's left within myself to be creating, if i could play harp that is...
Come to think of it, it kinda reminds me of David Firth's animation...

Chemiqals responds:

I'm glad it gave you such vivid imagery! =)

This is something I'd expect from Space Dandy in some pursuit scene XD
Nice :D

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Basically a ball at the back end, a pad at the front, with a little arc inbetween and, of course, the toes.
And perhaps a line along the leg between the ball and the calf.

Ur welcome :P

*click* Nice :D

It actually made me think that I'd look rather similar if I were to depict myself as a female.
Nice work.

Trying to defy reality since Y2K. Welcome to my Internet-based insanity chamber. Enjoy your stay.

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